Charter Rates & Testimonials


Chuck Jr.

'Dave, thanks again for a great day out with my dad. He and I don't get enough time just the two of us, so in addition to the great fishing the whole weekend was perfect. Hope we can do the whole thing again sometime. Thanks again!"

Monroe Rosemier

"Fished this weekend with Dave. We put him through some stuff no one should see. Dave handled it very good and professional. It was very important to get one of our men back. To boot we got 11 fish! What a great guy and charter service! Thanks Dave you rock!"

Charles Henry

"King Salmon fishing on Lake Ontario for another successful Fathers Day trip. I'll keep your name on the short list if you're up for the challenge! Found a Great Captain! Fishlure is the name of the boat."

Mike Clancy

"Great trip! Definitely will be back. Thanks again."

Charles Apprendi

"Dave and Dave know how to find AND catch the big boys!"

Rich Paszkiewicz

"Captain Dave, I would like to say thank you one more time for the awesome trip you provided us on 8/12/18. We had a great day of fishing. You worked your butt off out there for us, and that means a lot. We will always remember you will never give us a limp rod ;-). We hope to charter again with you in the near future. May your days on the water always be plentiful."